Comic: Public Relations in Skyrim

Comic: Public Relations in Skyrim

Comic: PR in Skyrim

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I was playing Skyrim the other day and thinking about my character and how much I’ve done for Skyrim – how my name will be chanted forever by the Greybeards and passed down from generation to generation of Nord. I’ve done so much for Skyrim: helped the Stormcloaks, killed dragons, stopped evil mages and monsters from corrupting the world. It’s all easy stuff for the sages to record in the annuls of Skyrim’s history.

But what about the not-so-pleasant stuff? The jobs I’ve carried out for the thieves guild or the fact that I’m the leader of the dark brotherhood? I wonder how those ancient sages would record that info. Would they just let it go in favour of all the good I’ve done. It’s hard to – I mean I killed that guy in the Drunken Huntsman! What’d he ever do to me?

It got me thinking, what if the Dovahkiin hired a PR firm to help smooth over his bio?

PS: thanks to the fine folks over at Penny Arcade for inspiration on our first (only?) web comic. Anyone have any good font ideas?

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