(Video) Lego Batman 2 trailer, images

As we reported a while ago, Lego Batman 2 is in the works and it features more heroes in the DC Universe. The first official trailer (linked from IGN, sorry about that ad) shows Superman using his cold breath and heat vision on foes. Seeing the man of steel work over baddies is what I’m most excited about; the diversity of heroes in the franchise.

I played the original game a few years after it came out and the biggest issue I had with it was the fact that the only playable characters on the “good team” were really just Batman and Robin variants. I wanted more powers and more characters but could pick boy and girl Batman and some different Robin characters. What I’m seeing in Lego Batman 2 is exactly what I’ve always wanted to see in the series: not only a greater set of playable characters, but also ones with a diverse set of powers.


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