Borderlands 2 costumes prowling at PAX East

Borderlands 2 costumes prowling at PAX East
Mad Moxxi from Borderlands

Say cheese!

Attention all you Mad Moxxi’s out there; all you falcon-wrangling Truxican wrestlers; and all you faceless ninja assassins who project an LED lightshow from your foreheads: Gearbox Software wants to see how real vault-hunters look while traipsing around the wasteland.

At this year’s PAX East celebration of gamers, gaming, and games (?), Gearbox has announced that at booth #936 they’ll be taking photos of all Borderlands cosplayers next to a statue of Axton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0. Going to PAX East? Thinking of dressing up? Now more than ever, you’ve got a reason. Not only will we be hanging out there because of the hands-on session we’ve got booked with Gearbox, but now we’ve even more of a reason to check it out (and try to figure out how to get the statue in our truck and back across our own borderland).

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