Geek Chic: Serious Furniture for Serious Gamers (PAX East 2012)

Geek Chic: Serious Furniture for Serious Gamers (PAX East 2012)

While getting ready for PAX East this year, my very first video game trade show experience, I was preparing myself for a sensory overload of TV screens, video games, flashing lights and more colours than a pantone swatch booklet. What I wasn’t expecting was that at the end of the weekend one of my favourite booths on the show floor would be from a company that makes video game furniture. Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I mean, we’ve all seen those crazy chairs with the built in monitors, subs, racing wheels… that kind of thing, but modular furniture, specifically tables, this was a first for me.

The table that caught my eye first was the “Hoplite“, pictured below. The idea of foam inserts for your precious controllers and other accessories is a genius one. No more controllers being bashed around in drawers and sliding all over the place, finally getting the respect these expensive hand held devices deserve. Oh, did I mention that the inside of the drawers on the table are modular, meaning you can arrange them anyway you want? Yeah, they thought of that too. The next “OMG” moment came when I saw that the top of the table lifted off piece by piece to reveal a hidden area for your most epic of table top wars. Never again worry about your meticulously painted Warhammer 40K Space Marine being knocked from a game board and smashed to a million pieces on the hard floor. Once your game is done, or you need to pause that 14 hour game of Risk you’ve been playing since last night, just place the boards back on top until the itch for world domination strikes again.


+1 Awesome

The final pièce de résistance from the show floor was “The Locus“. Now this bad boy is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want the best of the best you’re going to have to drop some serious loot. The Locus is a multitouch enabled gaming surface using the Natural User Interface Technology (NUIT for those of you into acronyms) from the brilliant people over at Mesa Mundi. Including true multitouch with up to 32 simultaneous touch events meaning everyone can get in on the action at the same time. Check out the video below for an example of it in action.

So, in closing, if you’re reading this and throwing money at your computer screen yelling “take my money” then you are the exact customer this amazing hardware was built for. Head on over to and take a look at everything they have to offer. While again it might be a bit on the expensive side, if you want something that’s going to last, has that “wow” factor to make your fellow geeks envious and at the same time is amazingly practical – this is it.

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