3UP Audio Show – Hero Quest Special

3UP Audio Show – Hero Quest Special

This episode was recorded on Friday, September 28, 2012. [WARNING: The episode is particularly profane!]

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Hero Quest: Game #1

Dungeon Master: Mathew
Players: Corey (Elf), Warren (Barbarian), Andrew (Dwarf) and Jeremy (Wizard)

In this special episode five members of the GDP crew play Hero Quest, a table top adventure game that was created by Milton Bradley and released in North America in 1990. We brought the game with us to a ‘corporate retreat’ where we play games non-stop for about 72 hours. For the three of us that own the game (Mathew, Warren and Jeremy) we hadn’t played the game in about 15 years, so our recollection of it was vague at best.

Mathew plays as Zargon, the dungeon master, and does a fantastic job by adding a great deal of depth to the story and events as they unfold. The other players are Corey as the Elf, Warren as the Barbarian, Andrew as the Dwarf and myself as the Wizard. We were missing the elf piece so Corey played using a LEGO mini-fig that we found lying around.

Enjoy the episode and please let us know what you think!

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