Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast

Oh man! Being the guy who runs tabletop RPGs on the GamesDay team, Sword Coast Legends looks like it’s right in my wheelhouse. Dungeons and Dragons where one player is the DM and constructs the dungeon for the others? Sign me up! Oh, and release a Mac version...
Samsung GALAXY Mega – Review

Samsung GALAXY Mega – Review

We were lucky enough to get some time with one of the “biggest” smart phones on the market, and want to share our thoughts with you. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is the largest smart phone on the market and brings a lot to the table. Is it something you should pick up if your looking for your first Phablet? Read on, and find out.

NBA2K14 Opening Night

In honour of opening night around the NBA, I decided to upload the first half of me playing (terribly) some NBA2K14 in 1080p goodness. As you will soon be able to tell, I’m the Miami Heat playing against the CPU controlled Chicago Bulls. In all honesty, the...